People & Culture

Man in black shirt and white cowboy hat playing guitar on stage
Man standing at campfire with 3 other men wearing Uinta Digi-Cutt hoody
Man wearing black clothes with gold suspenders and white captain's hat inspects a can of Uinta Brewing beer

Discerning palates, open arms.

It’s time to start looking forward to tomorrow’s workday because your coworkers and customers are some of the best people around. We embody the blending of adventure and tradition— and then throw a thick layer of elbow grease over the top. When we’re not at work Packing the Uinta, you can find us outside on the trails and slopes, on the river or getting lost in canyon country —always Packing the Uinta of course.
Man in plaid shirt and safety goggles inspecting Uinta Brewing 801 Pilsner cans on a conveyor belt

Make your Folks proud.
Work at Uinta. 

If a job producing beer for the masses sounds fun, browse our open jobs and join the Uinta team.
a keg gets loaded onto a pallet

Uinta Community

Come for the beer, stay for the pals. Our community is ripe with talented and passionate individuals from around the region. 
People gathered around red Uinta Brewing canopy and table

Words we live by

Our code of conduct is more than just a document of rules. It’s a compass that guides every decision we make.