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Mar 24, 2014

Uinta Brewing Celebrates 21 Years with Birthday Suit Sour Farmhouse Ale

In celebration of their 21st Anniversary, Uinta Brewing Company introduces 21st Birthday Suit, a Sour Farmhouse Ale. This is the third release of Uinta’s Birthday Suit, a brand developed to rotate in style and to be released annually in commemoration …

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Jan 31, 2014

Uinta Deviates From Original Detour Double IPA Packaging

Uinta Brewing Company announces the release of  Detour Double IPA in a 12oz bottle. First brewed and released in 2010 as a core brand in their Crooked Line of beers, Detour Double IPA escalated into a brand that no longer …

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Jan 20, 2014

Uinta Introduces Tinder Rauchbier

Uinta Brewing Company introduces Tinder Rauchbier, the newest limited addition brew to their Crooked Line. Inspired by Owner Will Hamill and Headbrewer Kevin Ely’s recent trip to Germany to inspect new brewhouse equipment, Tinder is a German-style Rauchbier (Smoked Beer) …

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Jan 09, 2014

Uinta Brewing Company Announces Distribution To The Sunshine State

Uinta Brewing Company has announced plans to increase their distribution footprint with expansion into Florida markets beginning late January, 2014. Uinta has partnered with Brown Distributing for state-wide distribution in the Sunshine State. Uinta has had Florida on their radar for …

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Oct 31, 2013

Something To Chew On

When the risk of market confusion was brought to Uinta Brewing Company‘s attention regarding one of their top selling brands, Hop Notch IPA, Uinta decided to concentrate on what they excel at: brewing beer. And so, without further ado, Uinta …

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